10 December 2021

TPM2: Progress Meeting

The meeting was mainly dedicated to review the activity timeline in the light of an extension request to be addressed to the Erasmus National Agency.

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5, 11 and 27 October 2021

C2 - Short-Term Joint Staff Training Event

The training comprised  three sessions. Each dealing with different aspects  of sustainabe development and the challenges connected with the teaching of such a multifaceted concept.

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9 June - 14 June - 2 July

C1 - Short-Term Joint Staff Training Event

The meeting was split into three sessions, held between June and July 2021. It saw the partners pursuing the design of the online modules by acquiring the needed competences on micro-credentials and agile methodologies.

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9 March 2021

Kick-off Meeting

The first meeting for marking the beginning of ProcToGo project by bringing together all the partners and putting the new alliance's basis. It was conducted online due to the persistent Coronavirus-related restrictions.

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