Digital Tools and Sustainable Goals

KA2 Strategic Partnership co-funded by Erasmus+



ProcToGo aims to explore innovative ideas in education as key elements for connecting higher education institutions and the labour market and, as a result,  enhancing graduates employability in the area of Sustainable Procurement, where the demand of professionals with digital skills is more and more increasing. 

By Integrating traditional academic learning paths with non-traditional approaches based on competency-learning, in particular adopting micro-credential approach, the project contributes to respond to the increasing demand on academic offer that tailor graduates to specific competencies and profiles required by the labour market in the area of Sustainable Procurement.



KA2 Strategic Partnership


36 months




Master level students/teaching staff


Tor Vergata University of Rome


5 project partners + 4 associate partners

Innovation in Education

Testing the use of micro-credentials and digital badges as a non-traditional approach to recognise learning achievements and to design modular and tailored courses to specific competencies required by the labour market.

Recognition of Credentials

Examining innovative forms of credentialing that can better respond to the need for more transparency coming from the stakeholders on the educational experience.

Blended Learning

Designing a blended course structured on micro-credentialing learning modules and the recognition through a digital badge.

Tackling skills gaps

Exploring new approaches to develop virtuous interaction between the world of work and higher education institutions and contributing to tackle the mismatch between the demand and supply of skills.
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