The University of Bremen is a medium-sized German university with around 20,000 students. The issues of today's and future societies are dealt with in six interdisciplinary, high profile areas focused on the oceans and the global climate, the future of industrial production, the social conflicts of modern welfare states, the interfaces between digital technology and humans, the logistics of global supply chains, and equity in health care.

The Chair of Sustainable Management at the University of Bremen focuses on two research areas: (1) Sustainable Management and (2) Digital Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

- Sustainable Management:
Modern businesses need new terms and concepts to cope with new (complex and contradictory) challenges and leaders of modern companies need new competences to solve
resulting problems. It is the task of the Chair of Sustainable Development to define these new concepts and terms for companies and decision makers. Its goal is to research, define and teach in competences of a Sustainable Leadership and in practical concepts for Sustainable Management as a strategic management tool.

Digital Education for Sustainable Development:
Since 2011, the Chair of Sustainable Development conducts the project Virtual Academy of Sustainability (VAS). The main objective of the VAS is the production of video based courses centering around the topic of sustainability for the German higher education landscape.

Key persons involved in project:

Katharina Lingenau

Jonas Joachims