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An Alternative and Passionate Approach to Procurement

We are glad to announce the first of a cycle of webinars aiming to deepen several aspects in the area of procurement.

Sibeg Coca-Cola is today one of the main protagonists of the productive panorama of Sicily, capable of doing business by creating value, generating income and concretely supporting the economy and employment.

The webinar aims to transfer to the participants the new trends in ethical and sustainable Procurement at Siberg Coca-Cola.
The webinar will describe how Siberg Coca-Cola is the leader of the beverage market in Sicily both for presence and knowledge of the market and for distributive capillarity, also the ability to develop business opportunities, innovation and attention to the environment and the development of human resources, producing in compliance with quality standards at the lowest possible cost.

For registration: info@proctogo.uniroma2.it